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Fall Gold Raspberry

Fall Gold Raspberry

Rubus idaeus 'Fall Gold'

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Stunning golden raspberries that produce a double crop

  • - Rare, vibrant yellow raspberries brighten up any garden
  • - Same sweet taste as red raspberries
  • - A double crop means two harvests per plant per year

Attention-grabbing fruits

The Fall Gold Raspberry shrub fruits beautiful golden raspberries that are as surprising as they are tasty. They’ll bring a touch of color to your garden and certainly turn heads. Get neighbors and visitors talking about these unusual and fantastic fruits.

Easy to grow, great return

This shrub can be grown in small, contained areas and requires partial to full sunlight to produce a bountiful crop. It is self-fertile and when mature grows up to 4 ft. high and 3 ft. wide.

Double crop means double the fruit

One of the most amazing things about the Fall Gold Raspberry is that it produces fruit twice a year – in spring and in summer.

A nature lover’s delight

The Fall Gold Raspberry is a truly remarkable addition that enlivens your garden, attracting gorgeous hummingbirds and butterflies, bringing nature to your doorstep.

Juicy, tasty raspberries

This rare, golden raspberry is not just for show – it may be a wondrous sight, yet it’s as flavorful as the red raspberry. It can be used to make rich jams, jellies, and juices, added to meals and desserts, or eaten fresh in all its glory.

Liven up your garden, as well as your palate, with the bountiful, double-crop Fall Gold Raspberry!

Botanical Name:Rubus idaeus 'Fall Gold'
Growing Zones:3-8
What's my zone?
Light Requirements:Full to partial shade
Mature Height:4'
Mature Spread:3'
Blooms:Spring, Summer
Characteristics:Self fertile, Double crop, Attracts Hummingbirds & Butterflies, Edible

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